Strategize. Build. Repeat.

We build and manage in-house brands for sites and products to be strategically positioned against current marketplace competition.

Our Sites

We keep the best for ourselves. Our in-house brands are built and maintained by our onsite team to experience continuous growth and innovation.

Parenting in the Digital Age

Parentology reigns as our flagship brand and main focus for time and resources. We are an authority for parents seeking news and information regarding parenting and technology.

Frugal Minded Hacks

Savetastic is your top destination for money-saving tips, tricks and secrets — as well as the Savetastic Chrome Extension, which scours the internet for the very best offers online.

Practical Everyday Tips

How Life Works — a general-interest website covering a wide variety of topics including health, beauty, lifestyle, careers, technology, and more.

Trends and Viral Content

First to Know focuses on fun and fascinating topics that are trending on the web right now. From TiKTok challenges to scandalous news stories and historic events that are bubbling up online, FKT is your site to be in the know.

Ultimate Meghan Markle Fansite

WeLoveMeganMarkle is the ultimate fansite dedicated to the ultimate Duchess & the Royals. From fun facts & news to shutting down bad gossip, we deliver it all.

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